Google Chrome recently showed signs of a very strange error which says reads ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR . This happens for certain particular websites only and only in the linux version of google chrome . I experienced this error for google services like gmail and even for hotmail. At first this seemed like a DNS error but later it didnt seem like on because i had to end up refreshing multiple times to actually get the page to open . Sometimes the page would never open no matter how many times i refresh the page .

Well there is a very simple fix to this error which is to install the latest version of google chrome which is 5.0.342.9 from THEIR WEBSITE . All you need to do is to download the debian package from the google chrome website and install it . Then make sure all google chrome windows are closed and then restart google chrome . Thats it , once you do so you would have the latest version of google chrome which has the fix for the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR issue.Here are a few screenshots to guide you.




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