It can be very frustrating to go about installing all your applications all over again when you reinstall ubuntu or even if you want to have the same installed applications on another machine , installing it manually one by one is definetly a big headache . Thats where apton CD a really nice app comes to the rescue . It basically makes a backup of all your installed applications and allows you to either burn it to a CD or make it into an ISO file which can later be restored onto a new machine or another friend's machine and all your applications will be installed in no time without the need of having an internet connection. So here's how you do it :

Step 1 : Go to THIS LINK and download apton CD

Step 2 : Now install the DEB file

Step 3 : Now launch Apton CD by going to System->Administration->Apton CD
Step 4 : Now click on CREATE Apton CD . You get to choose where to place the ISO file and also an option to burn it to a CD.

Step 5 : Now to Restore your Applications , just go to System->Administratoin->Apton CD and choose RESTORE and select the source , either the CD or the ISO image location

Step 6 : Thats it , just click on OK and everything will be installed in no time!!


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