Well sometimes we tend to forget our ISP Username and password simply because we dont use it everyday and incase we end up resetting our router, then its totally lost and we would have troubles recovering our username and password.Most DSL users have their username and password stored in their router itself which does the automatic dialing for them.
In the case of BSNL users , incase you have forgotten your password and you havent changed it from the default one, then you can possibly guess it.If you are an old user, then your password would normally be of the form aaaxxx123 where aaa is the first three letters of your city, and xxx is the first three letters of your username..So suppose i have a username like prashanth and i live in bombay, then my password would be bompra123 .Thats how it usually goes!!For new users, the password is usually password itself.
If none of the above worked, then you have one more way, this could work with ALL ISP's.Here's how you go about doing this.I prefer you have Mozilla Firefox to do this.
Step 1 : Open and enter your router username and password which is normally one of the following
username=admin and password=admin
username=admin and password=password
username=admin and password=(blank)
username=(blank) and password=password
username(blank) and password=admin

Step 2 : Once you enter into the router's config page, Go to the WAN page or INTERNET page.

Step 3 : Then look for the correct vpi/vci which is for your isp. In the case of bsnl it is 0/35 , mtnl 0/32 etc..
Step 4 : Click on EDIT or the pencil symbol next to the correct vpi/vci

Step 5 : Then keep clicking on NEXT until you find the Username and password screen, If you are already in the username and password screen, then skip this step

Step 6 : Then right click on the page and click on "This Frame" and then click on "View Frame Source".
right click on the page and click on "View Page Source".

Depending on your modem
Step 7 : Now the source code window should open and you should see a line like
pppUserName.value = 'yourusername'; pppPassword.value = 'yourpassword';
or something similar!!

Step 8 : This may not working for all modems, but its worth a try!!


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Verdict: It works ! ^^

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or you can just backup your router config. it will usually save it to a text file which also contains user id/pwd

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and below that there is a checkbox Enable logging and redial=47 like that seconds goes on.Pls Pls help me waiting fr ur response sir.

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